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AceShells are one of the few Internet providers who put the customer before anything else. We strive to offer our customers with the very best service and support they can get and we offer a wide range of internet services at prices you can afford.

You can expect very reliable servers, as well as fast, constant connections to the internet. You are provided with top support for whatever your needs are. We have the services you are looking for, at the price you want.

We have servers in London, Maidenhead, Manchester, LA and France. This allows us to choose from only the very best providers for use in our fully BGP4 routed redundant network. Our network is fully DDoS protected by advanced DDoS protection and mitigation through a Filtering system using Webscreen and Arbor devices, this ensures our network is protected against DDoS/DoS attacks at all times!

We offer a full range of services, for a full list of our services, see our Services page below we have listed some of our services.

Our Paid Services Overview:

Linux Shell Accounts from £2 per month
IRCd Shell Accounts from £7 per month
Virtual Dedicated Servers from £5 per month
Dedicated Servers from £35 per month
Web Hosting from £10 a year
Domain Registration from £8 a year
Camfrog Room Hosting from £16.50 per month

Our Free Services:

We offer a FreeShell were you can run:
Eggdrop IRC Bot, BNC (psyBNC) and IRC Clients such as BitchX, irssi

For info on the Free services check our services page.



Current Special Offers!

Virtual Dedicated Special
Full Root Access
Choice of Linux Distro
3000GB Data Transfer Per Month
1GBit Burstable Connection
6GB Ram
80GB Hard Disk Space
Only £25.95 GBP
No Setup Fees
Virtual Dedicated Special

Premium Shell Offer
4x Shell Logins
6 Background Processes
300 Mb Disk Space
Unlimited IRC Data Transfer
FREE Private Custom Vhost!
Six processes eggdrop or BNCs
Only £9 GBP
No Setup Fees

Order Premium Shell Offer

IRCd Network Deal
3x Shell Logins
5 Background Processes
500 Mb Disk Space
Unlimited IRC Data Transfer
2x Static IPs
Two IRCd servers + Services
Only £10.50 GBP
No Setup Fees

Order IRCd Network Deal

Why Choose Us?
All services on AceShells come with Your own cPanel Hosted homepages with PHP, and MySQL support Along with Your own Email, multiple usernames/logins for accounts above 2bg's. Advanced DDoS protection on all services. AceShells Unlike many other competitive providers we Maintain a 24 hours a day 7 days a week Customer Support on Telephone, Email, IRC.

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