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AceShells offer Linux Shell Accounts, SSH Tunneling Proxy's, IRCd Shell Hosting, Web Hosting, Virtual Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Servers, Domain Registrations, Camfrog Hosting.
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Run eggdrop bots and bouncers, or develop my own code in a Linux environment

Linux Shell Accounts

Host an IRCd server to Provide IRC chat services for my web site or IRC Network

IRCd Shell Accounts

Host my own virtual server with full root access and SSH

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Host my own dedicated server with full root access and SSH

Dedicated Servers

Host a web site with my own domain with web and email access

Web Hosting

Register a domain name with AceShells

Domain Registration

Host my own Camfrog room

Camfrog Room Hosting

Get AceShells free linux shell account

Free Linux Shell Accounts

Why Choose Us?
All services on AceShells come with Your own cPanel Hosted homepages with PHP, and MySQL support Along with Your own Email, multiple usernames/logins for accounts above 2bg's. Advanced DDoS protection on all services. AceShells Unlike many other competitive providers we Maintain a 24 hours a day 7 days a week Customer Support on Telephone, Email, IRC.

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