Internet Services Virtual Dedicated Server Terms of Service.

1. services will not be used for any illegal acts constituted by any law in (a) The United Kingdom and territories or (b) The home country of the customer. Also distribution of any pornographic material is strictly prohibited.

2. DoS attacks, flooding, nuking, exploiting, spamming and other forms of malicious activity will not be tolerated from our systems. Violation is grounds for immediate account termination (see point 8). Any legal action taken against you will be supported fully by

3. Any form of any script or program that can cause harm, damage, lag or delay and/or an increase in CPU or memory usage of any system are not allowed. Also any form of “root” script or any tool to attempt to gain unauthorized privileges is prohibited. Servers being found using these types of scripts or programs will be terminated (see point 8).

4. Any situation(s) and/or log(s) of any you as a user directly causing our system to be attacked, may lead to your account being suspended until further investigations occur and are completed. Upon completion of these investigations, the account may be reactivated or terminated (see points 8 and 9).

5. If by your action(s), any host or IP address gets banned from any IRC service, mail relay or other public service that customers may wish to use; your account may be terminated, or suspended until the bans are lifted (see point 8).

6. Any abuse, such as, but not limited to hacking, attacking, and/or harassment will invoke immediate termination to your account.

7. Upon a violation of one/more of points detailed in sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 depending on the severity of the incident, your account may be suspended or terminated; if the prior occurs then a formal warning will be issued. Upon any second violation after a warning is issued, your account will be terminated immediately.

8. Upon reactivation of an account suspended as detailed in point 8, reserves the right to fine the customer involved 1 month of their service. Whether this will be the case is judged on a case by case bases and is down to the discretion of

9. Any account terminated for violation of T.O.S. will be at the discretion of and no refund or credit will be offered.

10. Early cancellation of service by the user does not entitle you to a refund of any kind.

11. If for any reason an service that you are subscribed to is temporarily (up to and including 48 hours) offline, no credit will be issued. If the service remains offline for any period after this time, account credit will be issued for in the form of a one day extension on the account per day the service is offline.

12. All accounts will be added upon payment being received.

13. Disputed Amounts - Where the Customer wishes to dispute any item(s) appearing on an invoice, the Customer must write to, email, or telephone AceShells, and seek the resolution of the disputed amount. Any notification to AceShells of a dispute must be made within 30 days of the invoice date. The Customer must pay any undisputed amount by the Payment Due Date, otherwise interest or late payment charges may be imposed on the undisputed balance/invoice.

If AceShells agrees there is a mistake, the account balance will be corrected as soon as practicable. If AceShells finds there is no mistake, the Customer will be required to pay the outstanding amount immediately on being notified of AceShells’s finding, or by the Payment Due Date, whichever is the latter.

14. Interest - AceShells may at its discretion charge the Customer interest at a rate of 10% per month, compounding (i.e. interest is also charged on all overdue balances, including interest charges), on accounts or invoices that remain unpaid after the Payment Due Date.

Interest will not be payable on amounts in dispute, provided the dispute is resolved in favour of the Customer, or where AceShells believes it would be unreasonable. Otherwise, the interest will accrue from the day after the Payment Due Date until the date payment is received (including that day).

15. Right to Suspend Services - If the Customer fails to make payment to AceShells for any Service by the Payment Due Date, AceShells may suspend the provision of that and/or any other Service.

AceShells will provide the Customer five (5) Working Days written notice of its intention to suspend any Service, sent to the most recent postal address, or email address, held on file for the Customer. If payment is not received, or agreed to within that five (5) Working Days AceShells may suspend the Customer’s Service(s).

AceShells may require the Customer to pay a deposit, or an advance payment, as a condition of lifting any suspension imposed under this clause.

16. Debt Collection Costs - Where the Customer’s accounts are sent for debt collection with an external agent, the Customer agrees to bear and pay all reasonable costs imposed on AceShells in relation to the collection of the debt.

These costs will generally include debt collection commission charges; case opening or closing fees; and legal costs in extended cases.

17. Account Cancellation - Your contract is automatically assumed to continue for a further month or year subject to your billing cycle at the end of its current period, subject to the current revision of the terms and condition, unless at least one calendar months notice is given prior to the end of the current rental period. This notice must be given in writing via email (see contacts section on Cancellations can be made at any time right up until the end of the rental period.

On or past the date of which the cancellation is effective, or in the case of non-payment when AceShells deems you to have cancelled, the service may be; terminated, unplugged, erased, reinstalled, rented to another customer, or any combination of the above.

18. reserves the right, to look and/or browse at any of customer directories for abuse detection purposes.

19. New customers are not required to pay a setup fee, or a buffer anymore so you dont have a deposit in case of excessive bandwidth usage or fees incurred by the server. so you will need to arrange if you are going to go over your bandiwidth limit see point 15

20. Users that do not arrange for extra bandwidth on their servers, and then go over their allotted bandwidth are subject to 'excess bandwidth' charges detailed when their account is setup. If the bandwidth usage for one month exceeds the cost of a month of server rental then the server may be shut down until such time as the extra bandwidth fees have been paid and the 'buffer' (see point 14) has been reestablished.

21. reserves the right to change pricing agreements with 28 days of notice. This notice will be given in the form of an e-mail to the account holder. Any change in pricing will not affect currently purchased accounts and will take effect on the next payment after such time as the current credit has expired.

22. Agree the terms and conditions may change at any point with 28 days of prior notice, emailed to the address your account is registered with. Failure to read or receive this message is not the responsibility of

23. By logging into your server you agree to our terms of Service.





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