Basic commands

software - Lists the quick install software on the box.
menu - This user menu allows you to setup eggdrop, psyBNC. Start, stop plus much more.
cd dir - Similar to the DOS command. Changes the directory .
cd .. - Changes the dir one level up.
ls - Lists files in current dir.
rm file - Deletes file.
touch file - Creates file.
rm -rf dir - Deletes dir.
mv oldfile newfile - Moves files, also used for rename.
pwd - Shows the current working path (e.g.: /home/tupac/eggdrop ).
passwd - Changes your password.
pico file - Opens the specified file in the pico text editor. The -w option prevents Tcl scripts from being messed up due to line wrapping.
tar -xf file - Extracts *.tar file.
tar -zxf file - Extracts *.tar.gz file.
vhosts - This will display the list of the available vhosts on the box.
uptime - This will display the current uptime and server load.
quota - This will show your disk space quota.
ps x - Show the process on the box.
kill -9 pid - Kills the process.

These are the basic commands that you need to use your shell account. There is a lot of documentation in the Internet. I recommend read all the docs before asking. You can start searching for docs on
If you have any problems, come to and join #AceShells We will try to resolve them :)


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