Terms Of Service

Please read before signing upfor a 2 Month Free Server Account(Users will only be able to have Two Months on our free servers at a time after the Second month users will have to re apply doing this allows other users to have a chance to use the service.):

You as the user:

agree AceShells (inclusive of administration) will not be held responsible for any damage to equipment, loss of data, sbusiness, physical or mental injury or death as a direct consequence of using this service.

are responsible to maintain the security of your web content and shell account.

agree not to use the service for port scanning or as part of a DOS attack participation (Denial OF Service Attack) in any way shape or form.

agree pornographic material will not be stored on or linked from this server, if pornography is found in any directories regarding your account, the login will be disabled and terminated without notice until after the account has been closed.

will not store unlicensed or illegal pirated copies of software on this server, this includes images, audio and video copyrighted material without previous consent of artists or licensed distributors, if this is brought to the admin's attention, this will result in account termination with deletion of all account material located in the home directory, and subdirectories of the home directory that contains such material.

agree to give full correct details of yourself upon signup, if this is found to be false, the account with be terminated without warning.

will not run processes that will compromise the security of this server or any outside internet sources, this includes connections to other machines outside of this server.

agree the terms and conditions may change at any point without prior notice.

agree that this service comes with no guarantee of functionality as this is a free service.

must only sign up one account per user, if there is evidence of more than one account being created by the same user, all accounts from the same user will be terminated.

are aware if any illegal activity is or has taken place from use of this server, the relevant authorities that contact the administration for full disclosure of account information will get full co-operation and disclose information as necessary to resolve legal issues.

are required to report to the admin Any software requiring being installed in the home directory and sub directories that is executable

cannot run server type software, this include audio and video streaming server software.

agree not to give out login information to ANY third parties.

agree not to run any SSH tunnelling to other servers from an account in this server.

cannot add any content on this server for profit use.

Remeber by logging into our machines you agree to our terms of Service.


If any of the above has been breached, your account can be terminated without warning.



We Accept PayPal, Nochex, MoneyBookers, Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cheque, Postal Orders, Western Union, Bank Transfer.



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