We provide these services for free and accept any donations, As it does cost to run this free service.

Note: you Must read our Terms Of Service before creating an account with AceShells.

Only one account per user this is a policy that is strictly enforced.
Anyone found to be trying to creating more than one account or found to own more than one account it will all be terminated.

What do i get with my free shell?
- Operating system Linux with newest kernel.
- 1 BG process, e.g : eggdrop,psybnc, BitchX, irssi
- Access to some IPv4 and IPv6 Vhosts
- 5MB Quota
- 24/7 SSH
- Quick Install Software system
- Pine / Pico / Jed / joe
- AceShells IRC network. (Server irc.AceShells.com) has IPv6 Support


ShellServ is a new system as of 04/05/2007
All users will need to re register.

ShellServ Levels:
Level 1, You are newbie fighter no shell access.
Level 3, You get your FreeShell.
Level 5, Gets eggdrop installed on your shell.
Level 7, Adds 10 days to your shell process expiry.
Level 9, Upgrades disk space from 5MB to 10MB.
Level 11, Gets psyBNC installed on your shell.
Level 12, Adds 15 days to your shell process expiry.

In order to get your freeshell you need to register on ShellServ at irc.AceShells.com channel #forest and fight your way up the levels killing users and monsters to where you can get your freeshell please read the FAQ for more detailed info.

Click Here to read the FAQ.

Users who create shells with us are asked if they can idle on our IRC network to help out other free shell users.Show your support for AceShells Chat/idle bring your friends to irc.AceShells.com #AceShells


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