Free Shell General FAQ

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our free shell service.

How do i get a free shell with you?
Click Here to contiune to creating your free shell. from there on you can create your free shell with AceShells

I try to login with newuser but it tells me its not open?
This automated free shell creation system is only running between 8PM GMT and 9PM GMT time. only during these hours can you login with the newuser login and create your account. on hours outside of 8PM and 9PM GMT the newuser login is disabled. but everything else on the server remains running.

Can i use telnet?
No, we only run SSH on all our servers.

What Shell type or editor do i select in the user creation system?
When you create your free shell you will get asked what login you would like also an email address. what shell type, for shell type enter sh this is a bash shell. for editor hitting enter using default pico will do just fine.

What time is it in GMT now?
We have setup some world time clocks to help you with this. check out World Time Clocks scroll down till you see London. This is the current GMT time

How do i change my password?
Type passwd in the shell.

I have created an account but I've lost my password!
We can reset your password for you. email with your username and we can reset your password. do not try to create another account you will be banned for having more than one account, we can not help you if you do this.

Why have i got an expiry date on my free shell?
Free shells have a two months then they will expire.

Window closes when i login to my shell. why?
Your free shell has expired.

Can i create another account after mine has expired?
Not rigth away no, the system will still have you as having an account if you try to create another account it will ban you from the creation system.

Is there another way of getting a free shell other than using the creation system?
No, all Free shells are now made via the user creation system.

Can i run anything else with my eggdrop?
No, you have one back ground process with your free shell. with this you can run ether an eggdrop or muh but you can not run both at the same time. users found running over quota will have there accounts terminated.

Why dose my bot keep getting killed?
We run a script too stop users from launching more than one process and it also checks for High CPU and MEM usage we allow 2% for MEM and CPU for each user if your eggdrop or muh gose over this the script will kill it and log it. same with users trying to run more than one process it will kil any excess process's and will also log it, click here to view this log. users found to be repeatedly try to run more than one process will be removed from the system.

Can i see how much MEM or CPU my eggdrop or muh is using?
Yes, issue the command top when you are logged into your shell this will show you whats running and how much its using. we allow 2% for MEM and 2% CPU usage. if you have alot of tcl's this will use more MEM and or CPU.

Can i run psyBNC?
Yes, you can run psyBNC on free shells now. its pre compiled type software in the shell for the list of pre installed software. muh is still available

Can i run an IRCd and services?
We don't allow IRCd's or Services of any kind to be ran from our free shell servers. Although we do paid packages that allow you to do so check out our IRCd Shells

Can i run Shout cast?
No, we do not allow shout cast servers to be ran from our free shell service.

What software an vhosts are with the free shell?
for a list of quick install software type: software in the shelll, Also for a list of vhosts on the free shell box type: vhosts

Can i use crontab to restart my bot?
No, we no longer run cron on our free shell servers.

Why cant i use wget, lynx, ftp, ssh out from the shell?
We do not allow these commands to be used on our free shell service.

Why cant i FTP to my free shell?
We had to remove FTP access with our free shells due to the abuse. you can install pre compiled eggdrop and muh is now installed globally on the free shell box. type software in the shell for a list

Can i run exploits?
No, we do not allow any exploits to be ran or stored on ANY of our servers. users found running, storing them will lose there account and authorities notified.

I like my free shell can i upgrade to paid services?
Yes you can upgrade to any of our Shell Packages at any time, you also get to keep your free shell with us. without the expiry! prices are Cheap! start from just £2 GBP a month, that's $3 USD a month!

Can i have more than one free shell?
No, we only allow one account per user. if multiple accounts are found to be used they will be removed and the users banned from using the free shell user creation system.

I want to donate something
If you have something you would like to donate email us with more information on the donation you would like to make.


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