Eggdrop HOWTO

Step 1: From the shell.

First, type the following command:

You should receive an output similar to this:

Please choose the letter of the option you need.
--------------------- Main Menu ------------------------
a. Check your shell email
b. Main software menu
c. Text-mode internet browser
d. IRC Chat Clients
e. List Shell commands
q. To quit back to shell prompt

Now type the following option:
b to select the main software menu and then option a for the eggdrop menu.

Step 2: Configure the Eggdrop

You should receive an output similar to this:

Please choose the letter of the option you need.
--------------------- Eggdrop Menu --------------------
a. Install eggdrop source
b. Compile eggdrop source
c. Create eggdrop.conf
d. Edit eggdrop.conf
e. Start eggdrop in user-creation mode, first run only.
f. Start eggdrop
g. Stop eggdrop
q. To go back to software menu.

Now you need to type the following commands it really is as easy as ABC!.

Select option a to install the eggdrop source it will come back to the eggdrop menu once copied over.
Select option b to compile the eggdrop again it will come back to the eggdrop menu once completed.
Select option c to create the eggdrop.conf it will ask you some questions like:

Your zone time:
Your e-mail:
Network name:
Bot Nick:
Listen port for telnet:
Would u like to set crontab?(y/n) Saying y here will setup crontab so your bot starts up if when the shell is rebooted
IRC servers:

Once you have answered all the above questions it will create your eggdrop.conf and start your eggdrop for the first time you should see something like this:

Telnet to the bot and enter 'NEW' as your nickname.
OR go to IRC and type: /msg eggdrop hello
This will make the bot recognize you as the master.

[18:35] === eggdrop: 1 channels, 0 users.
Launched into the background (pid: 14591)


Your eggdrop should now be online on your selected IRC server and channel.

Now on irc type
/msg eggdrop hello

it will tell you you are now the master of this bot and ask you to set a password make sure you set the password and remember it.

Step 3:
Telneting your eggdrop

You can telnet your eggdrop by using the vhost your bot is using and the telnet port you set in the config and using protocol telnet open the connection you will see something like this.

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

eggdrop (Eggdrop v1.6.15 (C) 1997 Robey Pointer (C) 2003 Eggheads)

Please enter your nickname.

Now enter your nickname and then password. this must be the nickname you were using when you done the /msg eggdrop hello and the same for the password. once logged in to the party line type .help for a list of commands

ex: .join #mychan will make the bot join #mychan

Should you need more detailed info try for more docs and tcl's for eggdrop.


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